1-Ingredient Toilet Bowl Cleaner


You will be absolutely amazed at this 1-Ingredient Toilet Bowl Cleaner. Let it soak and wipe it away to find a sparkling and clean toilet bowl! #inspirationalmomma #toiletcleaner #diycleaner #toilet #toiletbowlcleaner

For some reason, I really don't mind spending the day cleaning my house.  My ideal situation would be to get someone to take my kiddos for the day, crank up the music, and get cleaning.  Then, when all of my efforts are done, I would spend five minutes sitting on my couch in silence to take it all in.  There is just something about the feeling that I get when my house is officially clean.  And, after all, I know exactly what will happen when my angels return home.  A glass of milk will get spilled, the salt shaker lid will mysteriously "fall" off, or Nixon will try to get creative while going to the bathroom and miss his target completely.  That leads me to my arch-nemesis...the toilet!!

First off, I am always trying to keep a clean and tidy house.  I strongly believe that this trait was passed directly to me from my mom, the crazy lady that sweeps her floor six times each day.  While I am not at that level, I do take pride in keeping our home clean.  I must also say, I do a pretty good job.  BUT, I am constantly cringing at the sight of our toilets.

You will be absolutely amazed at this 1-Ingredient Toilet Bowl Cleaner. Let it soak and wipe it away to find a sparkling and clean toilet bowl! #inspirationalmomma #toiletcleaner #diycleaner #toilet #toiletbowlcleaner

First off, we do have well-water that is hard (has a high mineral content).  Even when clean water sits in our toilet, a reddish-orange film begins to buildup.  This is frustrating enough, but I also have another issue.  It never fails, no matter how much preaching I do, I swear my children forget where the little flusher handle is.  Time after time, after coming home from work, I find that a surprise has been brewing in a toilet all day.  Absolutely disgusting!!!  On top of the hard-water stains, I am fighting this battle too!  After several unsuccessful purchased products, homemade concoctions, and even prayer, I finally found the miracle 1-Ingredient Toilet Bowl Cleaner.  And the answer to my prayers!  

You will be absolutely amazed at this 1-Ingredient Toilet Bowl Cleaner. Let it soak and wipe it away to find a sparkling and clean toilet bowl! #inspirationalmomma #toiletcleaner #diycleaner #toilet #toiletbowlcleaner

Vinegar!  Yes, vinegar!  You know...the stuff you can buy at Walmart for less than $2.00 a gallon!  

The process is simple. 
1. Pour about 2 cups of vinegar into a flushed toilet.
2. Let it soak for 20 minutes.
3. Wipe the stained areas in your toilet with a rag.
4. Flush.
5. Stare in amazement at your sparkling, clean toilet!

I know that this sounds too good to be true, and that is exactly why my mind was blown when I discovered it.  I could not believe how the vinegar basically broke down whatever it was that was causing the stains, and I was able to just wipe it away.  That is why I am sharing this 1-Ingredient Toilet Bowl Cleaner with all of you.  You can now sit back and relax, knowing that your toilet nightmares are over!

You will be absolutely amazed at this 1-Ingredient Toilet Bowl Cleaner. Let it soak and wipe it away to find a sparkling and clean toilet bowl! #inspirationalmomma #toiletcleaner #diycleaner #toilet #toiletbowlcleaner

You will be absolutely amazed at this 1-Ingredient Toilet Bowl Cleaner. Let it soak and wipe it away to find a sparkling and clean toilet bowl! #inspirationalmomma #toiletcleaner #diycleaner #toilet #toiletbowlcleaner

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  2. Just a heads up, the problem might actually be your toilets! I thought that well water was causing my issue as well but I had a plumber in to look at a different issue and had him take a look at the toilets and he said that it was actually happening because the seal in the toilet tank was bad. New toilets completely fixed the problem. A pricey solution, but now I don't have to clean them daily or waste water.

    1. Thank you so much for this info. However, because we just built our house two years ago and have brand new toilets, I'm guessing it is the water causing the issue. I'm glad to hear that you found your solution though.

  3. I wrote "FLUSH THE TOILET" on a piece of A4 paper and stuck it on the wall outside the toilet. This way whenever they go to leave the toilet they have a last minute reminder. It works fanatically in my house I haven't had to get cranky or find presents for over 3 months. My visitors love it too.

    1. What a great idea! Too bad two of my biggest culprits are 3 years old and 2 years old. Perhaps written words won't work for us, but some visuals may do the trick! Thanks for the tip!

    1. I also have a septic tank and have always used vinegar. I have not had any issues. I would think that in the big picture, this is really a small amount and quickly gets diluted before it can affect anything negatively.

    1. I have used a brush before, but I just feel like getting in there with my hands has the best results! Happy cleaning!

  4. Hi there "Inspirational Momma"

    I am amazed each time I find ANOTHER use of White Vinegar! Thanks for that honey!

    May I share another tip: When cleaningWindows, Mirrors or any glassware, use a capful or teaspoonful of White Vinegar in the water. This little action totally eradicates the oily smears that remain when polishing the window panes etc, leaving ones windows as clear as crystal. A wonderful grease cutter!
    Thumbs Up for the humble White Vinegar, a commodity no home should be without!

    1. Thank you so much for the advice! I am also always looking for more uses for vinegar! It is so inexpensive but so effective! I will be using your tip soon! Thanks again!

  5. There is another vinegar out there that I use instead of regular vinegar. Cleaning vinegar. It has a higher acid content. Don't recall what it is tho. I find it in the laundry area,frequently next to the ammonia, not in the food area.

  6. Always try to use natural ingredients for cleaning purposes. This will stay away us from toxic chemicals of most cleaners in the market. These tips are really great and I want to feature this post at my blog....

  7. Hi Tanille. I guess seeing is really believe. I would never think that you could get a toilet clean with vinegar. Oddly enough, you can use vinegar and baking soda to unclog a toilet, so I bet cleaning it on a regular basis with vinegar will keep your toilet clog free. Keep up the good tips.

  8. Great tips! Thanks for sharing. There is no room in a home that should be cleaner than the bathroom.

  9. I do enjoy the article. I’m trying to clean and organize my bathroom. Basically, I have used muriatic acid to remove mineral deposits from my toilets; it does work. Though, I have got another product that operates at least as well.

  10. I have been using white distilled vinegar for years for the toilet bowel and works excellent in a spray bottle to hit the hard to reach areas. Thanks for this!
    Septic Pumping Service recently posted...Hello world!My Profile

  11. Duh! (Hitting myself in the forehead). I soak rusty tools in vinegar water. Our red soil has a lot of iron in it. This seems like the perfect solution. Thanks.

  12. Thank you for info it was very informative. It’ll penetrate, eliminate grime, and require little effort from the user while doing it. It’s the perfect set of circumstances for a lazy person who hates cleaning like myself.

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